Understanding Psychological Issues Related To The Penis Size


Does the size of the penis affect the sex life of a person? Does the size result to impotence? This is some of the most asked questions. In fact, there is nothing disappointing in a man’s life like the inability to satisfy a woman sexually. Men with a small penis are affected both physically and psychologically. The truth of the matter is that the size doesn’t matter a lot when it comes to sex but how you use it counts in the satisfaction of your partner. The average size of a normal penis is 6 inches length and around 5 inches in girth. Those people above average, as well as those who are below average, have a different impact as far as the size of the penis is concerned.

Based on the size of the penis, let us go through some of the related psychological issues and see whether they are beneficial to the sexual life of an individual.

How does the size of the penis affect the confidence of a person?

For those men with penis above average, they have confidence when it comes to the sexual act compared to those below average. Despite the fact that the size of the penis doesn’t determine satisfaction when it comes to sex, most of the men today believe that having a small penis makes one lack the ability to please a woman sexually. As a result, small sized penis men feels insecure in their relationship. On the other hand, those men with a larger penis have a natural confidence that enables them to meet their partner with ease.

Physical pleasure of an individual.

Since you are conversant with the confident issue, it is good to understand that the size of the penis will determine the pleasure experienced during sex. The girth of the penis which determines the contact feeling plays a significant role when it comes to sex and those with a thin penis fail to experience the same pleasure. In addition to that, most of them lose interest when it comes to sex and end up looking pills that can help them to increase the size of their penis. This might take time to achieve the required size, but the result is not guaranteed. If this happened to you, well, at least use hands free masturbator as a substitution :)

Sexual interest.confidence

Intimacy is all about connection, and the pleasure experienced can only be experienced when a man is fully connected to a woman. Small sized penis makes a man feel inferior and as a result, they end up losing their interest to sex. As a way of preventing relationship, most men tend to distance themselves with their partners thus reducing connection. On the other hand, those with a larger penis are connected both physically and psychologically since they have self-confidence with their penis. Those who are looking for penis enhancer will gain not only their confidence but also the connection to their partner. Good option is to use male extenders for a non surgical enhancement. Sizegenetics for example, being in the market since 1996. Does sizegenetics work ? It does. Maybe not as their sales page promise, but with the dedication and follow up of the guidlines they provide, you can definately increase your size for up to at least 1 inch within a period of 6 to 8 months.

Penis and Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is the inability to maintain a stiff erection of failure to have an erection during sex. How does erectile dysfunction relate to the size of the penis? A man with a small penis lack confidence and due to the anxiety and insecurity issues, this results in stress and depression. As stress builds up, one is in the risk of body conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease which are the primary cause of impotence.

It is due to these psychological issues that most men are desperate enough to buy any form of medication in the market today with the aim of achieving a larger penis. The fact is that most of these pills doesn’t increase the size of you penis but gives you a stiff erection that lasts for few hours. It is also though the desperation that one end up being scammed and end up purchasing fake pills which come with adverse effects. average penis sizeExcessive usage of such pills will also lead to impotence and in severe cases, one is unable to perform well sexually. However, if it is a must you get your penis enlarged, you have to be patient and choose the best penis exercise that might take you about 10 minutes a day and go for about two weeks.


Acceptance is the best medicine, and you will evade all the sex related issues in your life. How you use your penis is what determines the amount of pleasure you experience with your partner and that will increase your entire self-confidence.


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